The New England Percussion Ensemble specializes in presenting creative and energetic audience-interactive enrichment programs to youngsters.


What a dynamite and professional ensemble you are. Your program, ‘Language of the Ancients,’ is absolutely inspired.

Patricia Michael, Principal / Sally Anyan, Music Educator

Barlow Mountain Elementary School

Ridgefield, CT

Photo by Lewis A. Glass Photography

Our presentations are suitable any time of the year – an uplifting September opener to stimulate youngsters’ thirst for learning, a June closer to end the school year with a bang (so to speak), or anytime in between. We are also a great addition to summer school programs.

"Language of the Ancients" (K - adult)

Audience members travel a journey through time which conjures the image of early mankind using stones, sticks, rattles and hollow logs to accompany singing and body movement. A leap in time occurs when we use "found" instruments of today – plastic tubes of different lengths, trash bags snapped in the air, newspapers torn in time to foot stomping accompaniment. Our exploration of this truly ancient language travels from the familiar to the unfamiliar with imagination, inventiveness and creativity – new sights, new sounds; some loud and spirit shaking, some soft and haunting. (With performance piece titles such as “Take Out the Garbage” and "The Elephants Are Coming" how can you lose???) Student hands-on ensemble concludes.

"Language of the Moderns" (K - adult)

Developed as the sequel to "Language of the Ancients" this program contains new performance pieces, themes and thought-provoking concepts – melodies on glass, a violin bow on metal, rock buckets and talking drums.  We even introduce the exciting world of electronic percussion. We stimulate curiosity and tweak imaginations.  Creative percussion?  You bet!

"Ring In the Season" (K - 6)

This delightful program contains much of the enlightening and exciting material as "Language of the Ancients," but the final third of the program is a joyful, non-religious celebration of December’s multi-cultural holidays.  Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are presented in a manner which is just plain fun.  Students participate in a rousing sing-along, and some volunteers join the ensemble with tambourines, bells, triangles and a whole lot more. 

March ("Music In Our Schools Month") and December are our busiest months.  Please book early for these months.

Photo by Zaza Roeder

Photo by Lewis A. Glass Photography

“ The atmosphere that you created was electrical! It was one of the most engaging, educational and exciting events ever held at 'The Harbor'. ”

Kristen Rampino, PTO

Snug Harbor School

Quincy, MA