The New England Percussion Ensemble specializes in presenting creative and energetic audience-interactive enrichment programs to youngsters.

Why Hire Us

…you can imagine my delight when I experienced your ‘high energy’ performance, and when the teachers and children came ‘running’ to me to tell me how they adored the experience.

Eileen Boulay, PTO

Killingworth Elementary School

Killingworth, CT

an exceptional presentation
a fun but substantial educational experience for your children
a wise investment of your enrichment program funds

Program Benefits

Our programs are a rich blend of entertainment and education. Fun and learning go hand-in-hand, and post-performance comments such as "awesome," "outstanding" and "theeee best!!!" are frequent.

"…this was worth every penny."
Susan Hart, PTO, Barnard Elementary School, Enfield, CT

So Why Hire NEPE?

Our programs are used in support of the school’s overall theme-based educational objective. We become a partner to the school’s efforts; we reinforce what teachers do in their classrooms by enhancing childrens’ every day learning.

"…the students were able to relate real life experiences to what they were seeing and hearing."
Gene Sladewski, principal, Lincoln Elementary School, New Bedford, MA

A strong thread which connects our diverse performance pieces demonstrates that music is a language, an ancient one at that, and one of the many forms of human communication which can convey messages and information, and solicit responses. Just as children learn to read the printed page they can also read the printed language of music by understanding its symbols. And just as they can improvise their spoken language they can also use the tools of music to improvise and create it on the spot. Kids eagerly absorb these concepts, and grow with their new understanding.

"…you did not just play music; you educated the children ABOUT music.
New England Percussion Ensemble was a perfect fit!"

Michelle Merlini, PTA president, DiChiaro Elementary School, Bronxville, NY

Another strong program theme is goal achievement through mutual cooperation. By witnessing a tightly prepared and choreographed presentation by professional musicians youngsters witness what can be gained by working in close harmony with others.

"You know how to educate, command attention and just wow the kids (and adults)…
a ‘smashing’ sensation!"

Lee Collins, enrichment committee, Ten Acre Country Day School, Wellseley, MA

And MOST important - As part of the learning and growing process a healthy school curriculum provides youngsters with enrichment experiences which make them feel good about themselves – the development of positive attitudes and self-esteem. After participating in our programs kids leave happy, energized and enthused, and SMILES ABOUND!!! This energy accompanies them as they rush back to their classrooms.

"The students danced in their seats…and laughed out loud."
Brent Conway, principal, Lincoln Elementary School, Newton, MA


We manage to pack a tremendous amount of stimulating information into a fifty-minute presentation!!!

Photo by Zaza Roeder

Photo by Zaza Roeder

“ What the teachers and I were impressed with were the references to reading, social studies and science that were made during the show. Your program gave relevance to what the students were learning in school. ”

Gene Sladewski, Principal

Lincoln Elementary School

New Bedford, MA